Posted by: partyhorse | January 7, 2010


Having just seen Avatar last night at the cinema I can say for the first time in ages, well since Starwars, I’ve been truely amazed by a cinematic experience.

3D Glasses on myself and 3 friends watched avatar at the Vue in Leeds, the whole film experience was immersive and soon we sat in awe as the characters on screen were interacting in an alien world. Having seen other 3D films years ago… Jaws 3D springs to mind. I wasn’t expecting the depth every shot has, and it’s not just large objects that appear to be 3D, everything from the countless ferns swaying in the breeze, the floating mountains, the millenia old giant trees, the waterfall cascades, even the bioluminescent nighttime landscapes all pop out.

Obviously without a story all this wouldn’t make Avatar a great film. The basic plot is that of an indigenous race (The Na’vi) under threat from a superior force (Humans). It’s technology vs the ecosystem, people who want to ravage an environment and mine it of it’s resources and aliens who are happy coexisting with it. Paraplegic hero Jake Sully learns to become one of the Na’vi tribe through his Avatar body and…. well I won’t say any more just in case you go see it.

Any bad points to Avatar, well some of the dialogue is a bit cringe worthy “Come get some” should never be shouted under any circumstance and the main bad guy is a bit cartoonish and obvious, neither of these point ruin the film though.

So in summary, go see the film and even if your not amazed by the story the visuals are well worth the ticket price alone, it definitely wont be as impressive on dvd at home with only bifocals on.

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The guys at Whitespace design are running a Christmas competition to get the creative juices going and all you need is some paper and scissors.

The top 10 snowflakes, as voted for by visitors to the site, receive a box of snowballs to eat!

This campaign is very fitting at the moment considering the snowy conditions we have been having.

To take a look at some of the other entries or to submit your own click here

Posted by: sallymb | December 10, 2009

Creative with Christmas Lights?

It’s the time of year when people get creative with the inside and outsides of their houses – decorating them with Christmas decorations.

Some people go crazy decorating the outsides of their houses. Some houses and streets even work together to create a row of lit up houses.

Some of these houses do go a little bit mad with their lights and decorations – a little too mad if you ask me.

The craze for decorating the outside of houses first started in America but has made it over to the UK in the past few years with it now becoming more popular than ever over here.

Most of the time the home owners have collection boxes outside their homes to raise money for charity as they receive so many visitors coming to look at their creations.

I bet their electricity bills are massive for the month of December!

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