Posted by: partyhorse | January 13, 2010

Flowers, Football, surely not

Having seen the new brand for UEFA EURO2012 which is designed by Portuguese group Brandia Central I have to say that I’m less than impressed. The logo is the stalk of a flower with three branches. A ball is depicted as the central flower, with the left flower being red and white (the colors of Poland’s flag) and the right flower being yellow and blue (the colors of Ukraine’s flag). One thing I do like though is this video revealing the new brand.
Brandia have used wycinanki as a basis for the branding, but the end result looks a bit like a bad computer game, maybe it would of worked better if it looked more traditional and less computer generated. Wycinanki originated in Poland with sheepherders cutting designs out of tree bark and leather. Paper wycinanki dates from the early to mid 19th century and colourful wycinanki were pasted on furniture or roof beams as decoration, hung in windows, and given as gifts.
Original wycinanki
New designs
Some of the black and white designs are quite intricate and the more you look at them the more references to football you spot. All in all they all look ok, but just dont say football, they seem over designed. Dieter Rams once said “Good design is as little design as possible”.
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  1. I love the stadiums, do you think they’ll have a competition to guess which flower each one is?

    If this was for the London Olympics, what flower would represent East London?

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