Posted by: partyhorse | January 12, 2010

Mr Chicken

After a night out in Leeds, heading home (a flat on North Street) is always a colourful experience. Not just because of the delightful characters that are wondering about after dark, but the array of fast food outlets.

These are not your McDonalds or KFC’s though, Im talking about Perfect Fried Chicken and Chicken Cottage, you know the ones, offers like chicken and chips for a pound adorn the window. It got me thinking though who designs their signs.

Morris Cassanova (aka Mr Chicken) designs and makes signs for around 90% of the fried chicken shops in the UK his company is called MBC Signs. Siâron Hughes a designer from London has written a book on the subject called  Chicken: Low Art, High Calorie.

One thing you notice is that nearly all the signs have some reference to America, whether it be name, colour scheme or general design. Mr Chicken said on the subject “The majority of shop owners out there they want for some reason or other, because Kentucky Fried Chicken is an American company, they want to give the impression that they are linked with the American fast food chain. In the past Kentucky usually have a little logo, a little slogan, “American Recipe,” people used to copy that. I mean a lot of people still try, and we say, “Oh that’s old fashioned, people not using that again.” Because they try to pull the wool over people’s eyes, you get your Dallas, it’s American, you get your California, it’s American, you get your Mississippi it’s American, and so forth and so on, and people just use those names to link with America just as well as they’re using their recipe, y’know. You hardly ever see a sign saying English Fried Chicken, or with an English name or anything like that”.

All in all I think credit is due, most of the signage appears the same but there are differences, subtle as they may be.


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